menjaga bay resort


Crafted to blend seamlessly with the breathtaking landscape.

Constructed with sustainable practices in mind.

Your discrete oasis embraces simplicity and unfolds in undisturbed open spaces.


designed to provide an exceptional mountain living experience

Our Mountain Suites cater to all preferences, from the Master King Mountain Suite with its own private pool to the Superior King Mountain Suite. Offering serene comfort with pool access, ensuring a peaceful stay amidst breathtaking views.

Sleeps 2 | Large Double Bed | Private Pool |Living Room | Bathroom with Bath


blending comfort with the beauty of the sea

For solo travelers, the Deluxe Twin Sea Suite offers two comfortable single beds, perfect for friends or family looking to share a space without compromising on comfort.

For couples, The Deluxe King Sea Suite caters to a romantic escape, featuring a luxurious extra-large double bed set against the backdrop of stunning sea views.

2 Single beds | Extra-large double bed | Living room | Luxury bathroom with Shower | Spacious Terrace

Unique Experiences at MenjagaBay

Our curated experiences offer a blend of nature and excitement, perfect for those seeking to explore the wonders of the sea and land. Choose your experience & reserve now below.

Celebration at MenjagaBay

Menjaga Bay Resort offers an idyllic setting for events, providing a backdrop of natural beauty and understated elegance.