menjaga bay resort


Our resort is a testament to our commitment to harmony with the environment, providing an escape where guests can connect with nature while enjoying the comfort of modern luxury. Welcome to Menjaga Bay where the gentle rhythm of the waves and the whisper of the jungle restore your body and soul.



We pride ourselves on fostering a strong bond with the local community, ensuring that the beauty of connection enriches every guest's experience. From sourcing ingredients and materials from local producers, supporting the economy and reducing environmental impact.

Local Community

Our dedication to sustainability is unwavering, as we passionately uphold eco-friendly practices to preserve the pristine nature of Komodo for generations to come. Through the implementation of solar energy systems to harness clean power and by applying water conservation measures that protect the local ecosystem.

Eco-Conscious Initiatives

We believe in harmonizing our luxurious offerings with conscientious ecological practices. Discover the ways we make a difference. 

Unique Experiences at MenjagaBay

Our curated experiences offer a blend of nature and excitement, perfect for those seeking to explore the wonders of the sea and land. Choose your experience & reserve now below.

Celebration at MenjagaBay

Menjaga Bay Resort offers an idyllic setting for events, providing a backdrop of natural beauty and understated elegance.