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SEA suite

Welcome to your personal seascape, where the water’s edge meets unparalleled tranquility. Here, luxury is as boundless as the horizon, and every moment is touched by the sea’s timeless elegance. Drift to sleep with the tides and awaken to the best sunrise of the island.



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Mountain Suites

Discover the tranquility of our Mountain Suites, where luxury meets the lush landscapes.

Ideal for those seeking serenity and immersion in nature, each suite promises an unforgettable retreat with stunning mountain views and private pools.

Unique Experiences at MenjagaBay

Our curated experiences offer a blend of nature and excitement, perfect for those seeking to explore the wonders of the sea and land. Choose your experience & reserve now below.

Celebration at MenjagaBay

Menjaga Bay Resort offers an idyllic setting for events, providing a backdrop of natural beauty and understated elegance.